North Wisconsin - Upper Michigan District

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Helping People

Change Lives

Helping People Change Lives
For nearly a century, the International Lutheran Laymen’s League, Lutheran Hour Ministries, mission never wavered. We use multiple media and outreach centers worldwide to effectively reach:

-Multicultural and urban groups
-Unchurched people
-Anyone in need of Christ
...with the Good News of Christ’s saving love.
Any individual that makes a donation to Lutheran Hour Ministries becomes a member of the International Lutheran Laymen's League and will receive our publication called "The Lutheran Layman". As a member you are entitled to attend the your congregation's group of Lutheran Laymen, attend the Zone meetings, the North Wisconsin - Upper Michigan convention, or the International convention. To make a donation and become a member, please click the link below.

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Our Mission:
"Bringing Christ to the Nations and
the Nations to the Church"

Christ to the Nations — Lutheran Hour Ministries develops culturally relevant programs and projects that proclaim the Gospel to the unchurched, encouraging those people who are reached through these ministry efforts to respond by contacting staff or volunteers.

Nations to the Church — Lutheran Hour Ministries then cultivates relationships with those who respond to ultimately facilitate a relationship between them and a congregation, thus helping grow the kingdom of God.

The North Wisconsin – Upper Michigan District

Is one of the many districts across the United States and Canada that is a part of the International Lutheran Laymen’s League. This group includes men, women, and young adults that participate in Bible studies, evangelism and outreach efforts, local service projects, and other events.

The suggested date for LHM Sunday is Feb. 2nd 2020, however; each congregation can choose what Sunday is best for them.

This is a great opportunity to let your member's know what all great things LHM has to offer. For the current information you can do the following by using this information to secure the information before deadline date.  There are plenty of materials available on the LHM website for free that can be ordered or downloaded. It is important to note that you have to contact LHM for these materials. Nothing will be sent out without the church or an ambassador contacting them. You may order on-line or call them at 1-800-876-9880 Mon - Fri from 8:00 a.m. - 5 p.m. Orders need to be placed by Jan. 21st to have by Feb. 2nd.